Dachshunds are one of the most popular breeds of dogs, adopted by families worldwide. And why not? These are small, cute and versatile. They are extremely playful, which is what makes them a good family dog.  These dogs have short legs and a long body and are extremely energetic. In other words, their bodies have a high metabolism. Hence, they require the right kind of dog food to keep their energy and health levels intact, without ending up over-feeding them and making them obese! They need a proper nutritional balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals along with enough hydration. Given below are some of the best dog foods you can give to your dachshund.

Nutro Grain-Free Small Breed Chicken and Lentils: A gluten free recipe, this formula will be a great pick for your small breed dachshund. It does not have any artificial flavouring and is made of all natural ingredients. The ratio of protein to fat in this formula will be a good fit for your active little dachshund.

Tuscan Natural Carne Grain Free Dry Dog Food: If you’re looking for a well balanced meal for your dachshund, this one is a good pick. The high point of this recipe is that it has two sources of fish, herring meal and whitefish meal – both of which are extremely beneficial for dachshunds, as it provides ample calcium as well as fats.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Small Breed Puppy Chicken Recipe: Recently adopted a dachshund puppy? Then this particular meal will be a good option! It is a high quality recipe and is free from grains as well. The protein here comes from turkey and chicken which helps your puppy’s muscles to develop well. It is easily digestible as well, and the fats in it increase your puppy’s immunity!

Nutrisca Dogs Salmon and Chicken Pea Recipe: This one is overall a pretty good and wholesome food for your dachshund. It is rich in protein, courtesy the fish, and the berries in it provide the antioxidants. Owing to the lack of vegetables in it, you cannot make this a regular meal, but it is a good option nevertheless.

Merrick Classic Small Breed Adult Recipe: As stated before, dachshunds are highly energetic dogs and hence need nutrition that can keep up! This recipe is a great fit for that since it’s protein rich and has healthy fat content, which keeps your dog healthy and happy!