Best dog food for chihuahuaChihuahuas are one of the tiniest, cutest dogs in the world. They average growth of 6 to 9 inches only and will weigh a maximum of 6 pounds only. Yet this breed is known to be feisty, energetic dogs with long lives. As far as their diet is concerned, the Chihuahua has a sensitive stomach and known to be picky eaters. However, it is not advisable to switch brands, variant, or kibble size without slowly introducing it to a Chihuahua. There has to be a gradual transition to the new dog food which should take about four weeks to

complete the transition cycle.

The Best Diet for your Chihuahua

The older adult Chihuahua requires around 167 calories daily while the mature young adult weighing 6 pounds will need about 204 to 250 calories daily. If your pet dog is unusually hyperactive and like to move around a lot, you will have to increase daily calorie count to 324. Compared to other toy breeds, this breed has a higher daily calorie count because of its tendency to be active. As puppies, they can eat as often as 5 times a day and as they grow older, they shift and become contented with two meals a day.

Chihuahuas also need at least 25% meat protein (not by-products) with fats, complex carbohydrates and vegetables making up the rest of their food. Protein should be increased as they mature to keep up with the physical needs of the dog. Unfortunately, this breed will refuse to eat just any protein-based dog food so we have come up with a few choices that have been very successful in tempting the palate of these types of dogs.

Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food – This brand uses top quality in their meat ingredients so you can be safe knowing your dog will not be feasting on by-products or trimmings. In fact, they use free-range chicken, turkey, and eggs and locally grown regional vegetables and fish (not fish oil). Orijen is made by Champion Petfoods, a Canadian company, and all their dog food variants have met the high dog food nutrient standards of the Association of American Feeds Control Officials (AAFCO).

According to Champion Petfoods, their goal is to provide 100% natural diet for dogs which means every meal meets the nutritional needs of your pet. The company has won several major international awards like Pet Food of the Year for 2009 to 2012(Glycemic Research Institute in Washington DC), Best Food for 2013 (Spot Magazine), and Pet Food of the Decade (Rate It All).

Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials for Small Breeds – Made with real chicken meat, oatmeal, and brown rice this dog food is guaranteed to be health and complete for your beloved Chihuahua. Its kibble has been designed to prevent plaque build-up while meeting the fast metabolism of small dogs. They also contain antioxidants and you will notice how their hair will shine and feel soft to the touch with this brand of dog food.

On the downside, you might want to add a little home-cooked vegetables and fruits to ensure a well-balanced meal since it is protein-based.


Wellness Healthy Weight Deboned Chicken with Barley – This brand of dog food for small toy breeds offers 28% protein and comes highly recommended. They have a wide range of ingredients and variants according to age and size. Their products do not have soy, meat by-products, corn, or wheat.

It’s vital to feed your Chihuahua properly because a poor diet will damage the immune system and make your pet dog vulnerable to a range of health problems like stunted growth, hypoglycemia, and poor weight.

Chihuahuas should never be force fed so if your dog refuses to eat what your vet recommends, change it. If your pet does not like premium grocery-bought dog food, shift to a better brand. At the end of the day, if your Chihuahua is happy and healthy, then you’re doing a great job in nourishing your pet.