German shepherd foodThe German Shepherd is known for its blank and tan coat. They are favorable to law enforcement because of the devotion to their owners, being active, smart dogs. They love to work and can for long periods of time without becoming distracted. On average a German Shepherd will weigh between 70-100 pounds and most of that comes from muscle and bone. Giving your dog the right food means that he or she will be happier, need fewer vet visits, look better and live longer. German Shepherds are prone to common health conditions like Cherry Eye, back problems, stomach diseases and epilepsy.

It is recommended by the Association of Amercian Feed Officials that German Shepherd are fed a food that contains at least 22% protein if they are puppies or female dogs that are pregnant or feeding puppies. For those dogs that have reached maturity, they should be fed a food with no less than 18% protein. At least three or fours of the first six ingredients in the food should be animal-based protein. You should avoid foods that list corn or corn meal as the first ingredient. A food with a reasonable fat content will help promote a healthy, rich coat. The fat content should be between 5%-8%. A good dog food will list the ingredients in appropriate balance and they will be fre from hard-to-digest ingredients, harmful chemicals and ingredients with low nutritional-value.

There are ingredients that you should avoid. These are wheat based products, animal byproducts, bone meal, corn syrup, soy based products and artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. If they ingredients of the dog food list any of these things within the first five ingredients they have listed, it is a good idea to continue searching for another higher quality dog food.

Here are a few high quality dog foods:


This dog food is high in protein and grain-free with lots of essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health of your German Shepherd. It is 80% meat and 20% fruit and vegetables. For more information about this food visit:

Merrick Classic Adult Real Beef

This dog food contains 35% protein and most of it comes from deboned beef and pork. 60% of this food is beef and the rest is made up of whole grains and fresh produce. It also contains brown rice and barley, 30% fat and 3.9% fiber. For more information about this dog food visit: