Organic is one of the trendiest words in the market today. It denotes quality and safety that can only be acquired if one is willing to pay a higher price like a badge of honor, so to speak. A very common attitude towards organic is that “It’s cheaper in the long run because you get a better product that is gentler on the environment.” It is true – organic is better but did you know that there are dozens of organic scams even with dog treats?

organic dog treats According to Dogs Naturally, about 99% of the commercially-prepared dog products are heated and processed and dangerous to feed to your pets – and this includes those marked as “organic.” In fact, dry dog food and treats are heated four times and sprayed with fat before they are packed and send to stores. This is one of the reasons our dogs have all sorts of health problems similar to humans.

On the other hand, the market offers a good choice of synthetic-free freeze-fried, canned, or dry treats. In addition, there are methods that can be adopted to find out if the treats you want for your dog is truly organic or fake organic.

First, check the ingredients

The ingredients of a label are arranged according to weight. All you have to do is look at the top of the list for the main ingredients because this dictates the quality of the treat. With organic dog treats, the top ingredients to look for include whole food (as compared to by-products), wheat rather than wheat flour, and domestically grown free-range or grass-fed than free-range sourced from another country.

If you can find a store that is able to source their ingredients from local growers, that would be close to perfect since the less travel and time it takes to bring the ingredients to the company making the treats, the fresher they are.

Second, question strange-sounding ingredients

Many manufacturers of all sorts of products like to give code names for their “secret ingredients.” You have the right to ask what they are and if you cannot get a clear answer, then look for another organic treat. With legitimate organic dog treat suppliers, you usually get a straight answer so anyone who tries to skirt around and not answer a simple question such as this is not to be trusted.

Where to Find Organic Dog Treats

Most pet supply stores have dog treats but not all of them are willing to discuss the details of the products they sell. Fortunately, there is the Internet which is a treasure trove of information. You can also find reputable dog supply websites like Amazon that will accept online orders and deliver the organic treats to your home without fuss or hassle.

Here, you can find organic treats like Greenies dog treats, Pedigree Dentastix, and Zuke’s Mini Natural Dog Treats.