Dogs, typically referred to as men’s best friend are truly wondrous beings. Not only do they love us unconditionally but they make us laugh with funny antics that can lift even the sourest mood. In this article, we’ll teach you some cool tricks you can teach your Yorkie, Maltese, Westie, or other small breed. Not only will these tricks keep your dog mentally stimulated but they’ll make you laugh too!

Shake Hand Tricks with Dog  

The shake hand is a simple gesture that allows your dog to shake your hand as if they’re saying “hey, what’s up buddy? With this trick, you’ll teach your dog to take their paw and touch your hand by saying the command shake. The trick to take up their paw to your hand is to hold some delicious treats and then close your hand.  Once properly trained, your dog will attempt to open your hand with their paw. This time you say shake, they will definitely listen and give a shake on your hand.


The kiss command is a cute trick. Here, you put your dog on a table or chair. Then hold a post it note and stick it to your face and give some cheese pieces to eat once your dog brings their face closer. Repeat this by taking the post it sticker closer to your lips or chin and later mention kiss when they approach. Eventually they’ll learn to touch the sticker with their mouth. Next time when you say kiss without feeding them, they will touch your chin with their mouth.


The rollover command makes is smaller dogs look adorable! Put some pet food on your hand and place them at ground level. Or put your dog higher up, making sure they don’t fall off the table. Once your puppy is in flat position, you must slowly move the delectable treat in rotating manner. Then, your dog will roll over to get the treat, which is in your hand. Repeat this with the command roll over and your dog will do the same in the future to get more treats.


You can train your dog to bark by applying the notorious speak command. Simply take some treats in your hand and hold them. Do not give your dog the treat until it barks and ask for the delicious treat. Repeat this while saying the speak command and your dog will try to bark and get the treat!


Fetch back

When you’re playing fetch, using this command will make it more fun. With this trick, it is best to train your pooch in your home or in your backyard so that they can focus. Make sure you choose smaller toys that your dog can pick up. When you throw pet toys, you must say the fetch command so that they listen and bring back what you throw. You can then give them a tasty snack as a reward. In no time your little dog will be a fetching maniac!

So just keep your dog’s favorite snacks handy and try out these cool, fun tricks!