high fiber dog foodFiber is composed of insoluble or complex carbohydrates and is added to dog food to help cleanse the colon, prevent diarrhea or constipation, aid in weight loss, and is good for dogs with diabetes because it provides some control over blood sugar level fluctuations.

Commercial dog food do not have a lot of fiber which is one reason why dogs can get constipating if they are on a diet solely of commercial dry dog food. If you want to continue giving your dog the same brand of commercial dry dog food (maybe you bought a huge sack), you can add fiber to the diet by feeding your dog some ground leafy vegetables or by adding about a teaspoon of coconut fiber once a day.

A high fiber diet is not necessarily the answer to your dog’s stool or other medical health issues. Before switching to a high fiber diet, it is strongly recommended that you consult with the vet first because this kind of diet can actually aggravate diarrhea or gas problems and make it worst.

If the vet agrees to shift to a high fiber diet, you can start adding a teaspoon of cooked pumpkin once a day. If you prefer to buy high fiber dog food, be careful about selecting the right brand. There are some commercial brands that add the wrong kind of fiber to their formula like cellulose which could very well be a fancy word for shredded paper.

Some companies market their dog food as fiber-rich but if they use up to 22% crude fiber (or insoluble fiber), you may be falling for a simplistic view that promotes a magic formula that will help your dog lose weight or stop getting constipated. According to Dutch scientists, satiety claims or the feeling of being full are generally weak and misleading. If there is too much fiber, your dog could start to have loose stool and the health of the hair will be affected. If this happens, take the dog off the high fiber diet immediately and consult with your vet.

Quick Facts about High Fiber Dog Diet

  • High fiber diet can increase energy levels
  • This kind of diet does not necessarily suppress hunger
  • High fiber diet can prevent colon cancer

Fiber You Can Safely Feed Your Dog

Changing to a high fiber diet for your dog does not have to be expensive but the new food should be introduced to your dog slowly. Aside from watching out for loose stool and hyper activeness, you should also control the intake, slow down in exercise for a while, and monitor for allergies or behavioral pattern changes.

Fiber rich dog food should be a complete meal which means it should have all the elements of a balanced diet: vitamins, fats, protein. If the diet you decide on works, you can expect your dog to be in a great position to fight harmful bacteria and release sufficient secretions around his anus glands so he will not be uncomfortable with the new diet.

A positive response to a high fiber diet also means that your dog will not have to visit the vet as often and will be a happier pet.

On the other hand, if the diet does not produce the desired changes, you will need to ask the vet to consider other issues like eating toxic food, parasites, infection, or stress.