There is perhaps nothing more disheartening than seeing your much loved pet being sick. When your usually energetic and playful dog is feeling under the weather, there’s nothing you’d want more than to cure it immediately. Does that mean you have to run to the vet each time there’s a slight health issue? Not necessarily. You can get some pretty potent home remedies – right in your kitchen! These homemade remedies are toxin free and safe, and your dog will be up and running soon enough! Find the home remedies for the most common dog sicknesses below.

For stomach upset

This is perhaps the most common sickness that your dog will have to endure from time to time. The usual symptoms will include diarrhea, vomiting, excessive salivation, loss of appetite, gas etc. If you notice one or more these symptoms, then immediately get your dog the remedy. You can replace their usual drink with electrolyte drinks so that the dehydration is countered. You can also go for chamomile tea, in order to soothe your dog’s stomach. However, if you see the symptoms are way too aggressive then go to a vet immediately. The remedy will be a good option only for mild occurrences of stomach upset.

For skin issues

If your dog is suffering from dry skin issues, then a very good remedy will be vitamin E. You can rub your dog’s skin with vitamin E oil or add vitamin E capsule to its bath water and give it a good, warm bath. If fleas are the issue then there are multiple remedies for that. You can try rubbing lemon or orange juice on your dog’s coat, or soaking your pet in a tub of water and rubbing with a gentle shampoo. And if you’re dog’s skin is itchy all day, then a good trick is to rub a paste of oatmeal on it, keep it for 10 minutes and rinse it off!

For wounds

Most dogs are active, energetic. So, no wonder it will get itself into some trouble! If your dog has suffered any wound, then Epsom salts are a great remedy! You can perform Epsom salt soaks (not applicable if there are open wounds) or even use heat packs with Epsom salt mixed water (especially for swellings). Epsom salts remarkably lower the healing time and helps your dog recover to its playful self in no time!