best cheap dog foodMany consumers who care deeply about their pet dog constantly wage a personal battle trying to get the best quality food that is affordable and nutritious. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer if your dog has a particular health problem because specialized food is usually priced much higher and buying the cheapest may cause the health issue to become worse.

On the other hand, if you dog is healthy and does not exhibit any problems with stool, energy levels, and appetite, our list of the best cheap dog food that can be found online is bound to have you feeling over the moon as you can enjoy considerable savings plus peace of mind knowing you are feeding your pet quality food.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie ($45/30 pound bag)

This is a grain-free super premium dry dog food that puts more emphasis on meat, vegetables, and fruits. It also has probiotics and zero soy and chemical preservatives. On the other hand, it does contain pea and exotic meats like venison and buffalo and the company had a recall history way back in 2012 for salmonella risk.

Since 2012, there have been no reported issues with this brand although pet owners should be aware that this particular brand contains canola oil and sodium selenite but then some of the top and high-priced brands also contain these ingredients. According to the company, the ingredients used all come from the United States and nothing is sourced from China.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs, 40 Pound Bag ($36.99/bag)

This dry dog food comes highly recommended by experts and vets alike. It is a meat-based meal and you have a choice of beef, lamb, or chicken. It also contains flaxseed so your pet dog will get the Omega 3 essential fatty acids it needs to keep its hair glowing and soft.

You will also be glad to know that this brand does not have corn, soy, or wheat ingredients instead your dog will get his carbs from ground white rice, rice bran, peas, and barley.

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food ($20/13 oz can)

This is the only wet dog food in our list because most wet dog food have a lower nutritional value than dry dog food. However, in the case of Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food, we observe the rare exception. It also makes sense because some dogs prefer wet food over dry food.

This brand uses beef, beef liver and beef broth as its main ingredients so your dog is guaranteed to get his recommended daily protein. The meal is balanced and fit for all ages. It contains zero chemicals and artificial flavors. It also qualifies under Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program so you can get up to 15% additional savings.

Premium Edge Dry Food for Adult Dog ($45/35 lb bag)

Another US-made brand, the Premium Edge Dry Dog Food has been called “one of the best” in the market today for protecting your dog’s overall health. It’s top two ingredients are fish (salmon and ocean fish) and vegetables which explains why it is on the high side if compared to the other brands listed here. It does not have wheat, soy, or corn. It has flaxseed, barley, canola oil, potatoes, peas, and a variety of minerals and vitamins including L-Carnitine, calcium, sodium selenite, and good bacteria.

Quick Tips on Cheap Quality Dog Food

  • If your dog eats and enjoys the brand you decide to buy, start buying in bulk so you enjoy bigger savings. However, make sure to keep the sack airtight and stored in a dry, cool area.
  • Before buying a new brand, check with your vet first just to get his opinion
  • Use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save for additional savings