Is your dog constantly scratching at its ears? If so,  your dog may have been infected with ear mites. If so, it is important that you understand what ear mites are,  how to diagnose the infection and  how to provide appropriate and timely holistic remedies so your dog can feel better soon.

About ear mites

These are called ‘Octodectes Cynotis’ and are a relatively common parasite that infects mostly cats and some dogs. Most pets suffering from infected ears don’t necessarily have ear mites. Instead, they may have an ear infection. Therefore, its important to diagnose your dog properly before providing treatment. Otherwise, any treatment methods you pursue will not be effective and your dog will still be left with the annoying issue.

Ear mites symptoms generally include head shaking, itching, scratching of ears, however, they are quite different than other ear conditions. Thick black and flaky debris is produced by ear mites whereas most ear infections are red and have an odorous smell. Ear infections are caused by an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria in your dog’s ears however, ear mites are quite different.

Ear mite’s entire life cycle is located within ear canal region. They are not known to burrow into ear, but tend to stay on surface. Mite’s life cycle is stated to be around three weeks. After three weeks, female mites are capable enough to continue this cycle. Mites are quite contagious and hence spread fast from one animal to the other through direct contact.

Providing appropriate treatment

Although you may be able to diagnose your dog at home, it will likely be more  useful to take your pet to the qualified vet. They can then take a sample from your dog’s ear and examine it under a microscope. They can also provide  anti-parasitic, topical conventional medication. Selamectin is also found to be effective and needs to be applied between shoulder blades. It will last for about a month. The other conventional medications which are found to work effectively are Milbemite and Acarexx.

What is to be done to eliminate mites at home?

  • Use healing oils to clean the ears of your pet dog. This is advisable if ears are found to be extremely painful. Take olive oil of one tbsp and mix it with Vitamin E, one capsule. Have this placed into the ear and leave it for about 5 minutes to soak. Then rub the ear bottom firmly and remove debris using clean cotton swab.
  • The other option available to clean is using vinegar. However, this is to be avoided if ears are found to be red and has open wounds. It is to be diluted in water in 50:50 mixtures and 1 tsp approximately is to be squirted into each ear. The hand is to be placed around the ear base. Holding the thumb and forefinger together, massage deeply the solution right into the ears. Once it is preformed, wipe out black debris and excess solution using cotton swabs. This is to be performed regularly for a week, stop it for a week and once again repeat this procedure.

You need to choose the appropriate treatment for your pet to ensure that it is mite free.